Hey Grandma! Where’s Spring?

This photograph is one of my favorites. I captured our grandson looking for spring. His actual words were "Hey Grandma! I see spring!". This year, however, my sentiment is "Where is spring?". The most recent snow just melted under the torrent of rain today. I guess one could say that is a sign of spring. …

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Slowing Down After 50 . . .

Life is showing no signs of slowing down. I thought life was supposed to slow down after 50. I do not know how I picked up that notion. I just thought that when the kids were grown and on their own and we contemplate retirement, life would slow down. I guess "slow down" is relative. …

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A Fun Winter Activity for Kids: Feeding the Birds

Bummed up from last January!    It’s winter and that means it is time to feed the birds. There are a lot of recipes for homemade suet.  I found the following recipe to be the quickest and easiest to make: Ingredients: One p… Source: Feed the Birds: A fun winter activity for kids – Grandma Is Blogging

School Holiday Survival Guide | Happiness is here

How to 'survive' the holidays. "The holidays have only just started here but in a couple more weeks the complaints will start. ‘I can’t wait for school to go back’, ‘My kids are being such brats!’, ‘They’re constantly misbehaving!’, ‘They don’t listen to me!’. Could these two things be linked? If I put myself in …

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The Santa Paper

Santa paper for presents from Santa Do you use Santa paper? I do. When our children were little, I wrapped each present from Santa with Santa paper because, you know, it is from Santa! Each year I was very meticulous in hiding and discarding any shred of evidence of Santa paper: throwing every little shard …

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Family, Holidays & Silence

I found the following description fitting for me this year: “Families are inherently unmanageable --- ragtag armies at times, yet with a unity even they don’t fully understand. Someone is always pulling a thread, throwing the whole thing askew. Yet the threads remain, binding us to one another even when geography and other priorities pull …

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We used to feed the birds. That was until the cats started feeding on the birds. Inadvertently, we fed the squirrels too.  That was until one cat actually caught a squirrel. Because this cat could open the screen door, he let himself in. He promptly plopped the unmoving squirrel onto the kitchen floor! He was …

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