Slowing Down After 50 . . .

Life is showing no signs of slowing down.

I thought life was supposed to slow down after 50.

I do not know how I picked up that notion.

I just thought that when the kids were grown and on their own and we contemplate retirement, life would slow down.

I guess “slow down” is relative.

Gone are the sleepless nights tending to infants and toddlers.

Today sleepless nights are attributed to insomnia, hot flashes, spousal snoring, body aches, back pain and many trips to the bathroom – just to name a few reasons for sleepless nights.

Sleepless nights can also be attributed to late night calls from aging parents who need medical help.

Caring for aging parents is a full time job just as raising children; both can keep you up at night and running full speed ahead through the day.

Someone once said that you might be in the Sandwich Generation if you are exhausted.

The Sandwich Generation is the generation of people who are in between caring for their children and their aging parents.

We are caring for four generations: our parents, our selves, our grown children (even though they are grown and on their own . . .we still care for them) and our grandchildren.

Maybe that would be a Quadruple Decker Sandwich Generation?

I don’t know what one would call that generation that cares for everyone but I do know that life shows no sign of slowing down after 50.









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