Summer & Time

Summer is here!

I love summer! 

Summer passes so quickly. 

It is hard for me to believe it is the second week of July! 

How does time pass so quickly this time of year?

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My last blog post was back in April!  



Here is what I have been up too since then: 


My computer decided to “reformat” my external hard drive.

I don’t even know what that means except I can no longer access my files on the external hard drive that stores all of my photos!

Did you get that?





 trapped in my external hard drive!!!!

THIS was the week where I had the TIME to share summer time photos but technology had other things in mind!  

Technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Of course, it is the technology that decides which one.
Image by Canva because I can’t accesses MY photos. Quote? Not sure who to attribute.









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