The Santa Paper

Santa paper for presents from Santa

Do you use Santa paper?

I do.

When our children were little, I wrapped each present from Santa with Santa paper because, you know, it is from Santa!

Each year I was very meticulous in hiding and discarding any shred of evidence of Santa paper: throwing every little shard of scrap Santa paper in the trash then discreetly placing the Santa paper out of sight separate from the regular wrapping paper.

Dear husband thought the Santa paper idea was silly until he had to explain to dear daughter why there was Santa paper in the furnace fuel room in the basement.

She was at that tender age, teetering between believing and not believing.

She inquisitively asked her daddy, who was working on the furnace, why Santa’s paper was in the furnace fuel room.

His reply was that we are Santa’s helpers.

Aren’t we all Santa’s helper?


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